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Graphic Standards Guide

This guidebook is designed to help all members of the campus community to better understand the college's core symbols and their appropriate use. These logos serve as readily identifiable symbols that reinforce the Morrisville State College name and give a sense of unity to our publications, stationery, websites, merchandise, and other forms of communication.

College Name: Morrisville State College

The long form of the college name is "State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology at Morrisville." For almost all purposes, it is appropriate to use the short form of the college name, "Morrisville State College."

When referring to the Norwich Campus in external documentation, it should be referred to as either "Morrisville State College - Norwich Campus" or "the Norwich Campus of Morrisville State College."

The College Logo

Morrisville State College has only one logo, used on nearly all of the printed materials representing the college.

Electronic files of the logo in several different formats are available for download. Do not re-create the logo or use a copy. Original files should be used.

Logo Type Usage Download
MSC Color Color Printing msc_colorlogo.tif
MSC B & W Print B & W Printing msc_bwlogo.tif
MSC Web Web Pages msc_weblogo.gif
Norwich Print Color Printing mscNW_colorlogo.tif
Norwich B & W Print B & W Printing mscNW_bwlogo.tif
Norwich Web Web Pages mscNW_weblogo.gif

Do not alter the logo in any way, other than proportional enlargement or reduction. The relationships between elements are pre-established. Do not enhance the logo in any way to create a special effect. The logo can be used in one of two ways: black type with a green diamond or black type with a 20% grey diamond. No other colors are acceptable.


Outside organizations asking to use the logo should be referred to the Public Relations Department.

For more logo specifications, view the graphic standards guide.

Athletics Logo

The College Seal

The Morrisville State College seal is designed to officially verify academic documents. Because use of the seal is restricted, it is not available on the website for downloading. Please contact the Office of Public Relations <% =thisDepartment.DeptPhone %> for approval.

The version of the college seal using the text "SUNY Morrisville" is out-of-date, and is not permitted for use. This seal is invalid as the institution officially registered its name "Morrisville State College" August 21, 2003


College Colors

The college dark green is:
Pantone Matching System (PMS) 3435
CMYK process values: 100, 0, 81, 66
RGB values: 0, 80, 47
Hexadecimal: #00502f

Black and white are the only other colors to be used with the college logo. Specific uses of color are described in the graphics standards guide.

Guide Contents

  • Logo Guidelines
  • College Colors
  • College Seal
  • Fonts & Typefaces
  • Stationary
  • Athletics Logo Guidelines
  • E-Communication Guidelines
  • Social Media Guidelines

Any questions about Morrisville State College graphic standards, logos, seal, or colors may be directed to the Public Relations Office, (315) 684-6041.


Paul M. Kearney
Community Relations Associate, Graphics Designer Coordinator
(315) 684-6446