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Morrisville State College aligns with SUNY Chancellor’s vision pledged in her first State of the University address

MORRISVILLE, NY—Morrisville State College has several opportunities to contribute to the success of SUNY Chancellor Kristina Johnson’s first State of the University System address delivered Monday. It was Johnson’s first State of the University address since her administration began in September.

President David Rogers attended the address in Albany, where Chancellor Johnson outlined her vision to boost SUNY as a leader in innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

An energy expert who holds 118 U.S. and international patents, Chancellor Johnson called for SUNY to double research and innovation across its 64 campuses in the next decade, mainly in emerging fields like artificial intelligence and robots.

“This includes expanding the opportunities we offer students for research in emerging disciplines—and internships with innovators and entrepreneurs in fields that are changing our world,” Chancellor Johnson said.  

It’s an area Morrisville knows well. 

“Morrisville is innovative. We like the unconventional,” Rogers said.  “We seek new models for delivering education, conducting business and leveraging technological disruption.”

The college helped to revive New York State’s industrial hemp industry after an 80-year dormancy by planting the first fields of the multi-purpose commodity on both campus property and through partnerships with local entrepreneurs.

The college also started brewing its own craft beer at the Copper Turret Restaurant & Brewhouse, which includes a Brewing Institute and partnership with industry leaders through START-UP NY.

Chancellor Johnson’s goal to boost sustainability aligns with the college’s mission to achieve a sustainable future.

Morrisville is embarking on a new Four Seasons Farm, which includes a new controlled environment agricultural (CEA) facility. A current CEA aquaponics greenhouse combines hydroponic and aquaculture systems to produce nutrient-rich vegetables and fish. The college also maintains an organic farm and a high tunnel greenhouse which grows crops year-round. Both allow for campus-grown food.

Additional research projects, such as studying paddlefish and eventually putting them in a polyculture with lettuce, and harvesting sunflowers for energy, also inspire learning through experience. 

Through these diverse learning experiences that combine applied learning components with traditional academic settings, Morrisville produces graduates ready to pursue employment in fields critical to the state’s sustainability and success. 

“People who know Morrisville are confident in our programs and ability to advance regional economies and sustain job growth through knowledgeable and innovative graduates who become leaders in New York’s dynamic and evolving economy,” Rogers said.

Through Morrisville’s course offerings and training, students are prepared to enter the workforce in renewable energy resources and systems areas, including wind, solar, micro hydro, geothermal and bioenergy/biofuels.

The college’s Renewable Energy Training Center (RETC), an alliance of employers, training providers, economic development partners and K-12 schools, addresses long-term and short-term needs of New York State's renewable energy sector. The RETC provides technical short courses for students seeking marketable skills in renewable energy fields, with course curricula based upon employer-identified skill gaps and needs.

Morrisville State College’s curricula are enriched with applied learning and pave the way for opportunity at both the Morrisville and Norwich campuses. An action-oriented, interactive learning lab, the college is a national leader in technology and has been lauded for its exemplary, innovative and effective community service programs.

The college was ranked among the Best Regional Colleges in the North by U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges 2018 issue and was also recognized in the Top Public Schools, Regional Colleges North in the 2018 Best Colleges rankings. For more information about Morrisville State College, visit