Before You Schedule

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Scheduling Information

* Both students and advisors have important responsibilities in the advising system and should take the initiative to make sure the process runs smoothly. 

Students Should

  • Know the name, office location and hours of their academic advisor
  • Schedule early appointments during the course selection/registration period and come to their appointments with a proposed course schedule
  • Become familiar with general education requirements, graduation requirements and program requirements, including the number of credits and the specific courses required for graduation
  • Keep track of their progress toward graduation
  • Consult with their advisor concerning changes in their approved schedule (e.g., after being closed out of a course, during add/drop, etc.)
  • Consult with their advisor when they are in academic difficulty
  • Inform their advisor before changing majors, transferring to another college or withdrawing from college
  • Keep accurate records of their advising sessions
  • Accept responsibility for making their own decisions

Advisors Should

  • Have knowledge of student’s academic ability and history
  • Provide accurate information concerning programs and graduation requirements
  • Explain which courses are required and which are recommended
  • Be sure the student has adequate preparation for courses they will be taking
  • Keep accurate records of their advising sessions