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Laptops provide a way for students to access information instantly in the classroom and anywhere else on campus. The result is an enhanced learning experience and a better understanding of today's technology.

More than 40 programs of study at Morrisville State College require the use of a laptop as an integral part of coursework:

Bachelor Degree ProgramsDegree Type
Agricultural Business DevelopmentB.B.A.
Automotive ManagementB.B.A.
Automotive TechnologyB.Tech.
Business AdministrationB.B.A.
Dairy ManagementB.Tech.
Entrepreneurship and Small Business ManagementB.B.A.
Equine ScienceB.Tech.
Information Technology ManagementB.B.A.
Information Technology: Application Software DevelopmentB.Tech.
Information Technology: Electronic Marketing and PublishingB.Tech.
Information Technology: End-User SupportB.Tech.
Information Technology: Network AdministrationB.Tech.
Information Technology: Web DevelopmentB.Tech.
Journalism & Communication for Online MediaB.S.
Technology ManagementB.Tech.
Technology Management: Resort & Recreation ServicesB.B.A.
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Associate Degree ProgramsDegree Type
Agricultural BusinessA.A.S.
Agricultural Engineering TechnologyA.A.S.
Agricultural MechanicsA.O.S.
Agricultural ScienceA.A.S.
Animal Science - DairyA.A.S.
Aquaculture and Aquatic ScienceA.A.S.
Architectural Studies and DesignA.S.
Business AdministrationA.A.S.
Business AdministrationA.S.
Computer Aided Design TechnologyA.A.S.
Computer Information SystemsA.A.S.
Computer Information SystemsA.S.
Culinary Arts ManagementA.A.S.
Diesel TechnologyA.A.S., A.O.S.
Dietetic Technician/Nutrition CareA.A.S.
Engineering ScienceA.S.
Equine Racing ManagementA.A.S.
Equine Science and ManagementA.A.S.
Food Service AdministrationA.A.S.
Gaming and Casino ManagementA.A.S.
Individual StudiesA.A., A.A.S., A.S.
Journalism StudiesA.A.
Mechanical Engineering TechnologyA.A.S.
Medical Office AdministrationA.A.S.
Office AdministrationA.A.S.
Office Administration - Office ManagementA.A.S.
Office Technology - Information ProcessingA.A.S.
Renewable Energy TechnologyA.A.S.
Residential ConstructionA.O.S.
Restaurant ManagementA.A.S.
Travel and Tourism: Hospitality ManagementA.A.S.
Wood Products TechnologyA.A.S.
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