When does the student own the laptop?

The student is actually purchasing a license to use the ThinkPad. The license is through the Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation. The student does not own the ThinkPad until the last payment has been received and all applicable taxes. Students are billed in four equal installments, which span four semesters or students can select another payment option on Web for Students. If a student leaves school or takes a semester off prior to paying for their laptop, they must return the computer or pay the balance (plus taxes), still owed on the system.

What if the laptop gets damaged?

If it is not a software issue, then the Technology Center is the place to be. The Technology Center is teamed with an in-house maintenance shop that can perform warranty and non-warranty work on Lenovo laptops issued to students.

Why is the program operated in this manner?

Students sign a license agreement, which allows them the use of the computer. Repairs to these laptops can be hundreds of dollars. If the problem with the laptop is considered a warranty item, the student pays nothing and the laptop is repaired.

We have also incorporated a loaner system with our laptop program. When a laptop has to be sent out for warranty repairs, the student is able to receive a loaner laptop while theirs is being repaired. Additionally, if a loaner is necessary, the student's hard drive is installed in the loaner machine, if possible. This ensures that a student will not lose any of his or her work during the repair process. Students with non-warranty repairs will not be eligible for a loaner.

Why can't a student in a required major get the computer he wants in place of what we offer?

Instructors for required majors are on a committee, which decides what students will need. Students receive a great deal of support, which is offered through the Help Desk and the Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation. If a student has a different computer than the one the college provides, that student would be solely responsible for any damage or warranty costs their system might incur. Additionally, we would not have a loaner for the student while their computer is being repaired. Likewise, if a student is in a non-mandatory major and brings a laptop or desktop to college, we are not able to help that student should he or she experience problems with the hardware.

When can a student upgrade their laptop?

Students may, at no time, upgrade the hardware on the laptops until ownership has been transferred to them. Once all required payments for the laptop have been received, ownership will be transferred.

Is the student permitted to take their laptop with them on college breaks?

The students are allowed to take their laptops with them over breaks if they are registered for the next semester. If they have not paid in full, returned the laptop, or returned to Morrisville State College, they will be charged for the laptop and may face criminal charges. However, Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation does offer storage for the laptops during any school break and over the summer months. This is especially advantageous for those students who may be unsure about returning to school for the next term.

What do I do if I'm not returning to campus?

If you are not returning to campus, please read this information regarding your Lenovo laptop & AT&T cell phone.

Information provided by the Technology Center.