Tuition & Fee Liability

Student Accounts

Students who officially withdraw from the college or reduce the number of credits for which they are registered may be entitled to a proportionate refund of tuition paid or proportionate adjustment of tuition charges. The first day of classes as scheduled by the campus shall be deemed to be the first day that classes are offered, as scheduled by the academic calendar. The fall and spring liability schedule is:

Liability Period Tuition Liability Tuition Refund Fees Liability
1st Week 0% 100% 0%
2nd Week 30% 70% 100%
3rd Week 50% 50% 100%
4th Week 70% 30% 100%
5th Week 100% 0% 100%

During 0% liability, refunds will be processed and charges removed for tuition and all fees. After 0% liability, tuition will be prorated according to the schedule above, and all fees are due in full. Therefore, the last day to withdraw from classes without any tuition liability is the last day of the 1st week of classes.

After 100% liability, a student is liable for tuition and all fees in full.