Semester Payment Procedures

Student Accounts

The Student Accounts Office will generate an initial bill for all scheduled students twice during the academic year. The bill consists of tuition, room, board, and fee charges and is available online.  Students receive a notification to their Morrisville State College email account when a new bill is available to view and directs them to

Fall semester bills are available in July. Spring semester bills are available in November. Due dates vary depending on the date of the first day of classes.

  • Classes Begin January 15, 2018
  • Fall Semester Bills are due by January 3, 2018
  • Deadline to waive the student health insurance is January 19, 2018

In order to keep your class schedule and housing assignment (if applicable) you must accept your charges each semester. Please note that you may only do this if you do not have a balance due.

  • Pay online:
    Pay your bill in full or enroll in our online automatic payment plan. This will automatically accept your charges.
  • Pay by check or money order:  
    Access your QuikPay eBill account, print out a copy of your current statement and return the lower portion with your check or money order.
  • Enroll in the Online Automatic FACTs Payment Plan

Acceptable payment arrangements include the FACTs Payment Plan, financial aid or proof of third party funding, such as ACCES, WIA, H1B, Private Scholarships, Veterans Deferrals, 529 Plans, or other.  However, please note that if they are not credited to your account by the due date you will need to contact the Student Accounts Office to get an Extension for Payment (Deferral).  The Student Accounts Office will then accept your charges for you.

Those students who register for classes after the billing due date are required to submit payment or valid deferral at the time of registration.

Students who have registered for classes and decide not to attend must formally withdraw though the Registrar’s Office or their school office to avoid being billed/charged for tuition and fees. 

To Accept Your Charges go to

  • Click on  Student Accounts & Financial Aid
  • Click on Student Account
  • Select Accept Your Charges

Health Insurance Coverage: All students that are full time or in the Nursing Program are billed for the School Health Insurance.  If you have your own coverage you may opt out by completing the online Health Insurance Waiver form available at by the deadline.  This is the only way the fee will be removed from the bill.