Payment Policy Information

Student Accounts

After scheduling classes, all students will be emailed a billing statement for tuition & fees with instructions for making payment.

Students with outstanding balances will receive multiple emailed billing statements throughout each semester. Each billing statement will list the amount due in full by the due date (and will include an additional late fee of $50) appearing on your statement. Any unpaid charges from the previous statement will be brought forward, and additional charges, payments, and credits will be shown.

The billing statement also will show and subtract any authorized deferments in the calculation of the amount due. These include Pell grants, loans (StaffordPerkins, or Nursing), TAP and other grants and scholarships.

Students must have proof of approved aid, waivers, or scholarships in order to properly defer payment. Without satisfactory evidence to defer, students are expected to pay charges up front and wait for reimbursement when the aid, waiver or scholarship funds are actually received.

Students should apply early for any financial aid they expect to use to pay their university bill.

Students can always check their student account status by calling 315-684-6069 or coming directly to the cashier's window - Whipple Administration Building, 4th Floor.