Explanation of Fees

Student Accounts

Mandatory Fees

Mandatory Fees For Full Time Students Per Semester Per Year
State University Fee $12.50 $25.00
Student Activity Fee $105.00 $210.00
Student Athletic Fee $204.00 $408.00
Health Services Fee $157.00 $314.00
Medical Insurance all full-time campus students unless covered, estimate only $955.44 $1,910.88
*International Student Insurance non-US citizens - no waivers honored, estimate only $542.50 $1,085.00
Orientation Fee all freshmen - one time fee $100.00
Technology Fee all full-time students - campus and Norwich $190.00 $380.00
Dormitory Services Fee Mandatory for ALL rooms $410.00 $820.00
Transportation Fee all main campus students for use of the MAC Shuttle $97.00 $194.00
Alumni Membership $11.00 $22.00
Career Services Fee $13.00 $26.00
Norwich Campus Student Activity Fee $30.00 $60.00
  • State University Fee: Mandatory for all students. Used to reduce debt service with the New York State Dormitory Authority.
  • Student Activity Fee: Mandatory for all students. Funds the programs and activities of the Student Government Organization.
  • Student Athletic Fee: Mandatory for all campus students. Funds the Men's and Women's intercollegiate sports program including team transportation, uniforms, etc.
  • Health Services Fee: Mandatory fee providing some medications and laboratory procedures through the Student Health Center at no additional cost.
  • Medical Insurance: All students enrolling for 12 or more credit hours are required to have health insurance. If you are insured under your parent's plan or a private, pre-existing plan, complete the online waiver form. WAIVERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE FIRST WEEK OF CLASSES. Comprehensive coverage for medical expenses, generally incurred off-campus, arising from covered accidents and sicknesses. The benefits of this program are designed to complement, not duplicate, service provided by the Student Health Center.
  • *International Student Insurance: Comprehensive coverage for medical expenses, generally incurred off-campus, including medical evacuation and repatriation benefits, arising from covered accidents and sicknesses. This insurance charge is mandatory for international students and scholars, F-1 and J-1 visas, and for students studying abroad. Insurance waivers will not be honored.
  • Technology Fee: Mandatory fee for all students providing access to various computer services.
  • Dormitory Services Fee: Mandatory for all residence hall residents. Includes use of washers and dryers, ability to receive cable television, high quality FM reception and a Nextel phone with free local service.
  • Transportation Fee: Mandatory for all students attending the Main Campus for use of the MAX Shuttle Service http://www.morrisville.edu/student_life/shuttle.aspx.
  • Alumni Membership: Alumni Association benefits include: reunions with classmates, Alumni News subscription, alumni web site, affinity credit card, group insurance opportunities, travel packages, professional networking, mentoring, regional get-togethers, SUNYCard privileges for long-lines rates, use of SUNY libraries. Students wishing to permanently waive this fee must submit a written request to the bursar by the end of the fifth week of classes.
  • Career Services Fee: The Career Service fee is directly applied to activities that support students in the areas of career planning and development. Open to all students and alumni of Morrisville State College, the Office of Career Planning and Development assists current students and graduates of the College to identify and explore career options; create or edit resumes, cover letters, portfolios, or personal statements; prepare for an internship or job search; network with alumni or other professionals; evaluate a job offer; or consider additional educational opportunities.
  • Norwich Campus Student Activity Fee: For Norwich students only

Optional Charges

Optional Charges Per Semester Per Year
Fitness Fee full and part-time students $75.00 $150.00

Other Charges

Fees For Full Time Students Per Semester Per Year
Drop/Add Fee each schedule change after the first week of classes $20.00 /Form
Administrative Late Payment Fee charged after payment deadline $50.00
Late Payment Fee charged at each billing after initial billing $50.00 /Billing
Late Registration Fee charged once the semester begins $50.00
Laptop Computer program specific $550.00 $1,100.00
Returned Check Fee penalty for all returned checks $20.00 /Check
Diploma Fee covers costs of graduation $25.00
  • Drop/Add Fee: Charged for any schedule changes after the first week of classes.
  • Administrative Late Payment Fee: One time fee charged to all students who do not prepay (Settle their Bill) by the scheduled deadline.
  • Late Payment Fee: Charged after the pre-payment deadline and may be added to semester billing statements.
  • Late Registration Fee: Charged once the semester begins.
  • Returned Check Fee: All checks returned by a bank due to insufficient funds will be assessed a $20.00 returned check charge. Payment must then be made in the form of a money order, certified check, cash, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.

    A $50.00 late payment fee will be assessed if the returned check was in payment of your semester charges.

    We reserve the right to protest a returned check.