Adding or Dropping Classes


A student may add or drop courses during the first four class days of each semester without prejudice.

  • All NEW students must have course additions and deletions approved by their school offices.
  • Continuing students can add or delete courses using their web for student accounts.

After the fourth day of classes, a course drop/add form must be obtained from the school office and all requirements stipulated thereon must be met in order for a course to be officially dropped or added. Changes after the fourth day of classes may be subject to a fee.

Once a course has been formally dropped, the student transcript will show a grade of "X," signifying that the student dropped the course. "X" grades are not included in grade point average calculations.

Dropping a course may exclude a student from being placed on the dean's or president's list. Please check with your school office.

If dropping a course will take you below 12 credits, please speak to the financial aid office BEFORE taking steps to drop the course. This could affect aid eligibility and cause a decrease in the amount of aid you receive.