Volleyball Tournament
WeHeartHaiti Fundraiser
March 2010

The Morrisville State College Haiti Coalition sponsored events for the entire month of February to support Haiti relief efforts.

February 24 - May 16: Norwich SGO Bottle and Can Drive

All proceeds will go to the WeHeartHaiti fund.

Norwich Peep Diorama Competition, April 1:

The competition was a huge success with 23 entries, raising $115 for the Haiti Relief Fund.

Most Original:
1st Place - Bunny Round-up created by CWS-Jones, Savage, and Young
2nd Place - The Marshmallow Mine created by Cameron Crugnale
3rd Place - Clueless Peeps created by Harriette Adamson

By Category:
1st Place - (category Educational) Malignant Hyperthermia Emergency Happening in Operating Room created by Michael Weslolwski
2nd Place - (category Music) Peepstock – 3 days of Peeps and Music created by CWS (contact person Stephanie Franklin)
3rd Place - (category Humorous) “News Headlines - Peepwich Peeple Picket to Help Others" created by Norwich Campus Human Service Organization
4th Place - (category Music) The Red Hot Chili Peepers created by Norwich Campus Student Government Organization

Winners of the JustBorn, Inc. Prizes:
1st Place - Bunny Round-up created by CWS-Jones, Savage, and Young
2nd Place - Alexander McPeep (the designer) created by Bill Goloski

Other WeHeartHaiti Events

  • Hockey game vs. Cortland, February 12:
    All proceeds from the game were donated to the Morrisville State College Haiti Relief fund including gate, raffle and 50/50.
  • Haiti Awareness Display, February 12-28:
    Created by TET (Teacher Education Transfer) students and displayed in STUAC. Donation boxes were included in the display.
  • Bake Sale, February 15:
    The NURS 310 class had a bake sale to help fund Nyhera Guy to fly to Haiti to help provide medical relief.
  • Chimes for Change, February 15-19:
    Gathered donations during lunch from 11am-3:30pm at the Seneca Dining Center to the WeHeartHaiti fund.
  • Mardi Gras Dance, February 20:
    Sponsored by LASO. All proceeds went to the WeHeartHaiti fund.
  • Field Hockey Tournament, February 21:
    T-shirts for Sale & Bottle and Can Drive. Proceeds went to Morrisville State College Haiti Relief fund.
  • Bottle & Can Drive, February 21:
    Held in the MSC Athletic Facility. All proceeds went directly to the WeHeartHaiti fund.
  • Spades Tourney, February 23:
    Held at 8pm in the South Hall Lounge. $1 to play, all proceeds went to Yele Haiti
  • Volleyball Tournament in Hamilton Hall, March 2:
    Co-sponsored by SAAC and SNFM Club. All proceeds went to the WeHeartHaiti fund.
  • Haitian Buffet at Mustang Alley Worlds Fare, March 10:
    Cost = $4.25. Proceeds went directly to the WeHeartHaiti fund.
  • Moment of Silence, March 12:
    In memory of the lives that were tragically cut short, and to honor the survivors and the families of those we lost, the MSC carillon tolled at 1:00pm. A moment of silence was given to appreciate the men and women who protect us and answer the call to help when we are most in need. "While our grief remains, our strength moves us on. Let us share our strength with those who need us. Let each toll of the carillon remind us that we live in a community not bound by the campus, but in a world full of neighbors." - The Student Government Organization