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School of Science, Technology and Health Studies

Dean: Joseph H. Bularzik
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The Wood Products Technology curriculum is an extremely unique degree; the only one of its kind in New York State. The degree is designed to provide students with an educational background that will prepare them for careers in finish carpentry, furniture production and manufacturing, sales and marketing of wood products, architectural millwork and others.

In this program, practical hands–on experience is emphasized through course work in wood engineering, furniture design, lumber grading, physics and computer aided design (CAD). Students will learn all of the steps involved in turning raw lumber into a finished product.

In addition to the technical skills, the program is designed to allow students the option of continuing their education to earn a baccalaureate degree. Students will also take courses in liberal arts, science and mathematics and have the option to take a variety of courses in business.

The coursework begins with a survey of the industry and an introduction to the use of commercial cabinet–making equipment. Students learn wood properties and identification, manufacturing and grading at the sawmill, and seasoning. Students also learn about the use of adhesives, finishes and wood laminates.

The program allows students to choose from two concentrations, Finish Carpentry or Furniture Production and Business. The concentration in Finish Carpentry allows the student to combine traditional courses in cabinet–making with construction courses including plumbing, light framing, residential electrification, and construction estimating and is designed for the student with interests in fine–finish work including custom–built kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, trim work, and interior remodeling. The concentration in Furniture Production and Business is designed for the student interested in operating a small cabinet shop or working for a large furniture manufacturer.

The program offers the strength of small class sizes and faculty with a variety of professional experience in the industry.

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Wood Technology Building, Room 102

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