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School of Science, Technology and Health Studies

Dean: Joseph H. Bularzik
Phone: (315) 684-6079


This program is not currently offered.

Computer science is a field critical to our society. Computers are used for medical treatment, transportation, space exploration, education, entertainment, finance, as well as for the management and exchange of data and information. Areas of specialization include graphics, artificial intelligence, systems software, languages, networks, user interfaces, and many others.

This program follows guidelines published by the Association for Computing Machinery, the world’s premier organization of computing professionals and academics. While the curriculum primarily prepares graduates for transfer to bachelor degree programs, graduates are also ready for the workplace in support roles or as entry-level programmers. A varied selection of computer science courses is combined with a strong emphasis on mathematics, science, and liberal arts courses to give graduates a solid, well-rounded preparation for transfer to a bachelor degree program. Graduates typically transfer to schools such as Rochester Institute of Technology and SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome.

Languages taught include Java, C, and assembly language. Operating systems used include Windows, DOS, and Unix.

As part of ThinkPad University, all computer science majors must own or lease a laptop computer. This enables each student to access computing tools and technology anytime, anyplace, and also allows students to incorporate computers into every aspect of their education. Facilities throughout the campus provide ThinkPad students with access to file servers, printers, and the Internet.

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