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Science, Technology & Society B.S.


Science, Technology and Society (STS) is a bachelor of science (B.S.) degree program at Morrisville State College.

What is the Science, Technology and Society program? 

STS looks at the modern society and all of the triumphs and troubles, the prizes and problems of modern society. Students in the program look at the future of global society and investigate the relationship between the organization of culture and the development of science (knowledge about the natural world) and technology (the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes). For example, a student might study the history of energy, while at the same time learning about the latest renewable energy technologies at Morrisville's Renewable Energy Training Center (RETC). Or a student might examine the ethics of video games, while simultaneously learning how to make their own games in the Computer Information Technology program's Game Design degree. Twenty-five percent of the courses taken in the degree are in a technical field that is directly related to twenty-first century occupations.

Overlap between the liberal arts and technical fields, which is becoming more obvious as technology is more deeply integrated into social life and culture every day. This program offers a science degree that reflects not only the importance of substantive technical and scientific knowledge, but also seeks to understand it in the larger perspective of our society.

 Two concentrations are offered in natural and renewable resource conservation (NRC/RREN) and information technology (CITA). Each track will provide the student a base of technical knowledge within their concentration and connect it to historical, sociological, and philosophical perspectives on the specific sciences and technologies inherent to these concentrations.

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Wyatt J. Galusky
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