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School of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Dean: Christopher L. Nyberg
Phone: (315) 684-6083


The Renewable Energy Bachelor of Technology (RE B.Tech.) degree provides students with advanced technical education in the rapidly growing field of renewable energy. The RE B.Tech. program focuses on developing skilled graduates who are prepared to enter the job market as system designers, installers, operators, and maintenance technicians for renewable energy systems including grid-tied solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, small wind, micro hydroelectric and multiple renewable bioenergy systems.

Students have the flexibility to customize their area of focus for the RE B.Tech. degree by selecting core and technical electives to suit their personal interests and career objectives through consultation with their academic advisor. Students can select one of three program tracks: Wind/Solar/Hydro Track, Bioenergy Track, or a General Track.

An internship is a recommended course option (3-15 credit hours) in the program that places students in a supervised work environment with a cooperating agency. This provides students with opportunities to gain valuable experience, make professional contacts, and build their resumes in preparation for future employment and career decisions.  Many placement sites are available in New York State, but students who wish to travel can find opportunities in other parts of the country or abroad. Successful internships have included experiences in solar and wind energy, bioethanol production, and bioenergy systems.