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The Living Classroom

Learning By Doing

At Morrisville State College we believe that true mastery of a subject comes from the practical application of theory. Some people call it experiential learning, but for us, it is just common sense. We know that when our students graduate, their future employers are more likely to be interested in what they can do, rather than what they have read. We feel it is our mission to prepare ourF students to be ready to seek out a job in their field of study, and to hit the ground running when they land that job.

With that in mind, we have structured our curriculums in a way that finds a balance between instruction and hands-on learning, and for many of our students, it starts on day one.

Morrisville Fresh LLC

A single member LLC, operated by the Agriculture Business students at Morrisville State College. We are committed to adding value to local products.

At Morrisville State College students attend class in a "living classroom." What does this mean? It means that as a student you will be asked by your professor to apply what you have learned from lectures into practice; literally learning by doing. Often this is a seamless transition. You might watch your professor demonstrate a lesson, then be instructed to recreate it yourself. We know you can do it. And, after you accomplish the task, you will know you can do it as well. This is the Morrisville way, and we think you will like it.

Are you a budding entrepreneur with an idea for a new co?ndiment that everyone will have to have in their kitchen? You could take that idea from concept to the retail shelf through our unique combination of business incubator, food product processing facility and hands-on academic classroom, Nelson Farms.

Student Projects

As part of the higher education system, SUNY MSC understands the importance of engaging students in activities that not only educate them, but also help them grow as individuals.

Are you a horse-lover who finds him/herself most at peace in an equine barn? Well, there is no shortage of horses at Morrisville that will rely on you for their daily care, from riding and stabling, to conditioning and rehabilitating.

Care to BYOB? We mean, do you dream of being your own boss? If you have the desire to run your own business and create jobs in your community, we can give you the entrepreneur's toolbox to reach your goals.

Perhaps you are an auto fan who loves the sound of an engine running at peak performance. Then you will love the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities at your disposal in our award-winning automotive complex.

Alternative Energy

The college intends to take the lead in developing experts and professionals in what will undoubtedly become a fast-growing, high-demand industry.

Or, maybe you just want to save the world, one green solution at a time. Then you will quickly learn that our school color, green, is not just a coincidence. You will have several green technology living classroom options from solar, to wind, to biodiesel and gasification at your fingertips.

As you can see, the living classroom is at the heart of everything we do at Morrisville State College. We want you to learn by building critical thinking skills and solving real-world problems, the same ones you will encounter when you are working in your field. It is our belief that by giving you the experience of doing, the classroom experience will be transformed into something that is interactive, ever changing, and inspires you to learn. That is our living classroom.

Copper Turret

The Copper Turret serves as a learning laboratory for students in hospitality programs, with a wireless classroom, learning kitchen, and locker rooms.

Nelson Farms

Nelson Farms provides entrepreneurial agri-business opportunities for specialty food processors, farmers, growers, and producers.