Letter from the CDO

Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity

Dear Morrisville Community,

I am thrilled to start my tenure as the inaugural Chief Diversity Officer here at Morrisville State College. During my first weeks on campus, I have been busy meeting with the campus community and developing a plan of action based on the community needs. I have been particularly inspired by the people who I have met with who have shared their stories and experiences. I plan to continue meeting with people to further my understanding of the campus climate.

We strive to develop and enhance a Mustang community in which all members are held accountable for contributing to the Institution's organizational culture and climate, by fostering critical discourse and engaging in meaningful interactions. It is through an appreciation for diversity that we come to realize our role and responsibility in effecting change and building an Institution that promotes academic excellence.

A few of the first initiatives that we have been working on this summer is the development of a web page with resources for the campus community, an advisory council, a Bias Response Team and a series of conversations to better understand the needs of the campus.

As we guide the Institution toward academic excellence, we invite you to take advantage of all opportunities to actively contribute to this effort. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your thoughts, concerns, and/or questions. Please contact me at any time, bondermh@morrisville.edu or 315-684-6981.


Mary H. Bonderoff, Ed.D.
Chief Diversity Officer