Matthias Health Center

Health Center

The Student Health Center is committed to providing confidential, high quality, student-centered physical and mental health care to currently enrolled Morrisville State College students.  We wish to empower students to make informed choices regarding their overall physical and mental well-being.  As part of the educational experience, the health and counseling center staff provides an environment in which treatment, counseling and education in illness prevention and management becomes a basis for a lifelong pattern of responsible health practices.

Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment at the Student Health Center for any non-emergency medical problems or illnesses they may have.  Students are also encouraged to schedule an appointment with one of our personal counselors to address any emotional needs or if they are having difficulties adjusting to the rigors of college life. 

Many of the services provided by the Student Health Center are covered by the mandatory student health fee (so no additional cost).  This includes office visits, some medications (OTC and prescription), in-office testing, and flu vaccines.   The student health fee does NOT cover laboratory testing not performed at the health center, radiology testing, referrals to specialists, emergency room visits and medications not carried by the Health Center (student’s health insurance will be billed for these services and out-of-pocket costs are the student’s responsibility). 


The Health Center Provides:

  • Examination, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of common health problems
  • Women’s health exams
  • Individual counseling sessions
  • STD/HIV testing
  • Laboratory diagnostics
  • Referrals as deemed appropriate
  • Limited medications on site, prescriptions available