Implementation & Review Procedures

Financial Aid
These regulations will be administered at the end of each academic year:
  • Direct Loans and Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) programs require that students be enrolled in a degree or certificate program. Students are required to meet the satisfactory progress section outlined by grade point average.
  • Students who change degree programs will be given a new time frame.
  • Students who change programs of study, requiring extra time to complete their degree, will be granted a time-frame re-evaluation by the academic review committee.
  • Transfer students will be given a new time frame when they begin their first semester at Morrisville State College.
  • Continuing education students that fall below the satisfactory academic progress standards will have an opportunity to discuss mitigating circumstances with the Director of Lifelong Learning.
  • Upon review of the student's academic record, the academic review committee has the right to waive the implementation and review procedures due to mitigating circumstances.