Mary F. Buck
Operations, Manager Cyber.Lab
(315) 684-6053

Hours of Operations

Charlton Hall (Ground Floor) Room 002
Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Thursday
8:00am to 9:45pm
8:00am to 4:45pm
noon to 3:45pm
6:00pm to 9:45pm

Hours are subject to change as more student proctors are hired.

Contact Mary Buck, 684-6511
Hours of operation will change if proctor
is unavailable.

Cyber.Lab & Student Business Center

The college maintains one large state-of-the-art computing lab for general student use. This Cyber.Lab is open more than 85 hours per week and provides Morrisville students with access to a variety of software including electronic mail, word processing, presentation graphics, the Internet, and all the global resources available on the World Wide Web.

45 networked PCs with CDs, DVDs CD burners, DVD burners, flat-screen monitors, several high-speed laser printers, a color laser printer and a scanner are available for student use in the Cyber.Lab.

The Cyber.Lab is staffed by proctors who are available to answer student questions.

The college also has more than 13 specialized computer laboratories supporting specific academic programs, including Office Technology, Computer and Information Technology and Accounting, Travel and Tourism, Journalism, Agriculture and Natural Resources programs, Social Sciences, Computer Science and a CAD lab.

Every Morrisville State College student receives a user-code and password for access to e-mail and the campus network and can create his/her own home page on the Web. A student has access to his/her Morrisville e-mail from anywhere in the world where they have access to the Web.

Students can also access their class schedule, grades, and financial aid information on the Web.

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