Alumni Profile: Kat Wojtylak

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Graduation Year: May 2006 

Why did you choose to attend Morrisville? 

“At the time it was one of the only four year programs in Equine Science that boasted hands on time starting freshmen year in the state of NY. In my college search I actually ended up in Lake Erie College in Painesville, OH first, but I ended up with no hands-on time and big bills for going to school out of state. While it was the same distance from home, the overall camaraderie was nothing in comparison to what I found at Morrisville.”

What did you do after leaving Morrisville? What are you doing now?

“I took a job as the Stallion Syndicate Manager for Winbak Farm in Chesapeake City, MD after graduation. Then I worked at Hilltop Farm in Colorado, MD and also took a job at Draper Therapies in Canton, MA. Each of those companies boasted great resume builders and amazing experiences in various facets of the industry. I now handle marketing and public relations for various companies, one being Biostar EQ. I also helm my own blog, Eat Your Tarte Out, and have a column in Sidelines Magazine called Good Food Hunting.”

How did your education at Morrisville get you to where you are today?

“The beauty of a Morrisville education was the diversity in which I gained while in attendance. So long as we had our own drive and motivation we could spread our wings in any direction in order to gain the knowledge we sought. I was able to dabble and find out exactly what piqued my interests, taking on more as I preferred. At every step of the way you were met with hands-on experiences and the ability to fully immerse yourself into each task. Today it's helped me to adapt to various jobs at hand and give me the tools to not be stagnant in an industry which is known to cause burn outs.”

What do you like about your profession?

“I like the fact that you are what you make of it. Many people see the equine industry as having only one facet. Taking ones strengths into consideration, there's actually hundreds if not thousands of ways to apply ones' strengths and passions and apply it to the industry in a way that allows individuals to thrive.”

What professor and/or staff member influenced you?

“Intructor Keith Cluff and Professor Bill Maddison were great influencers. Bill was able to see through to who you were and continually push a person to find themselves and their strengths. Giving up or not giving it your all was never an option. Keith pushed you in subtle ways and made you always think about the larger picture. He was an individual that really allowed you to thrive or fail based on what you were willing to put into it. Both of them allowed you to become the person that would drive you in your career and give you the skills necessary to thrive.”

What was Morrisville like when you were attending?

“You become relatively close with the individuals in your immediate programs and classes. From there you network and broaden your circle. The professors gave what you put into it, the more you immersed yourself, the more you got out of it as well.”

What is your favorite memory of Morrisville?

“I'd say the times spent in the harness racing program. It was a small group of individuals who you bonded with on so many levels. The professors in the program were able to educate, but be relatable and allow you to thrive so long as you had the mindset and motivation.

Were you involved in any clubs, organizations, activities or sports while at Morrisville?

“I stayed for a summer at an internship in the harness racing program. We worked hard, but were rewarded with great experiences, setting me up personally to work at the track and thrive there.”

What advice would you give current students?

“I would say, never rely on anyone else to get you where you want to go in life. College is a time to find who you are and it will allow you to make mistakes and learn from them relatively quickly. That's where you can learn who you are and find your strengths, which will make you better able to thrive and get more out of it. This same determination will set you up later in life for finding the job and industry you desire. If you rest on your laurels and expect handouts, you'll be sorely disappointed.”