Alumni Profile: Caleb Adams

Hometown: Churchville, NY
Graduation Year: May 2014

Why did you choose to attend Morrisville? 
“I chose Morrisville because it offered a major that I was interested in and could transfer into. The transfer process was very easy and the counselors were great, taking care of everything from credit evaluations, sample schedules and visit arrangements for me.”

How did your education at Morrisville get you to where you are today? 
“My education really helped to give me direction with what I wanted to pursue. The hands-on experience has provided me with success in my career.”

What do you like about your profession? 
“My favorite part of my profession is being outside and the hands-on aspect of the renewable resources field.”

What professor and/or staff member influenced you? Why?
“Professor Snyder was a great mentor and advisor. He was one of the major reasons I chose Morrisville, because he is extremely passionate about his job and it reflects in his teaching. Admissions Advisors Erin Longo and Lindsey Graham were both key in getting me to attend Morrisville as well. They made the process so effortless for transfer students and that was great.”

What was Morrisville like when you were attending? 
“Morrisville was a great place! The friends that I found made it a great place to hang out and really enjoy my time spent on campus.”

What is your favorite memory of Morrisville?
“One of my favorite memories was staying in Bicknell Hall computer lab until late hours of the night working on projects with all the guys in my major. I also enjoyed working as a Student Ambassador in the Admissions Office.”

Were you involved in any clubs, organizations, activities or sports while at Morrisville? 
“I was involved with the Morrisville State College Conservation Tri- Society.”

What advice would you give current students?
“Enjoy the time you have in college because it will be over faster than you think. Take advantage of opportunities that you are given, and don't be afraid to meet new people and get involved.”