Student Profile: Kelceann McChesney

Hometown: Campbell, NY

Graduation Year: 2016


Why did you choose Morrisville?
"I chose Morrisville State College’s Norwich Campus because it allows me to work, well as still live at home, while earning my degree. The campus is within walking distance of my house, and the small classes make me feel comfortable."

What activities have you been involved with on and off campus?
"I am the Vice President of the Human Services Organization (HSO)."

What "fun fact" can you tell us about Morrisville that is not well known?
"Many people, students included, do not know about the Norwich Campus. I have been to the main campus, and when asked where I go to college, many students seemed shocked that there is a small campus in Norwich."

What MSC professor has influenced you and why?
"Two come to mind immediately: Professor James Flanagan and Dr. Fred C. Weaver. Professor Flanagan influenced me by helping me realize my potential as a student, and a person. Flanagan also helped me get through my first semester of college by being a listening ear when I needed one. Dr. Fred is a licensed social worker who teaches many of the Human Services classes. Dr. Fred is influent because he uses his previous work in the field, along with his late wife’s accomplishments as a counselor to teach his classes. He also provides valuable insight into the rights and wrongs in the Social Work profession. These two professors have taught me a life time of information in just 15 short weeks."

What has been your favorite campus event or activity?
"My favorite activities have been those involved with the Human Services Organization (HSO). Things such as distributing bags to collect canned goods for the less fortunate, as well as selling cotton candy and popcorn to raise money for the HSO trip to Camden, NJ."

What are your plans after college or your career goals?
"After finishing my degree at Morrisville, I plan to go on for a degree in Substance Abuse, and then begin work on my Master’s Degree in Counseling. I hope to one day become a Substance Abuse/Chemical Dependency Counselor."