Alumni Profile: Kristen Offringa

Hometown: Grahamsville, NY
Graduation Year: May 2014

Why did you choose Morrisville?

“Ever since I first visited the campus, I felt like I belonged. The fact that there was a hospitality program was what first attracted me to Morrisville. After visiting the school, the warm atmosphere and beautiful surroundings made Morrisville my first choice!”

What activities have you been involved with on and off campus?

“While at Morrisville I have participated in many on-campus activities. These have included the International Food Service Executives Association (IFSEA), the Morrisville Cross Country Team, Student Government Organization (SGO) and working as an Admissions Ambassador.”

What "fun fact" can you tell us about Morrisville that is not well known?

“Franklin Delano Roosevelt visited Morrisville State College in the 1930’s while he was still the governor!”

What MSC professor has influenced you and why?

“The professor who has greatly influenced me has been my advisor Dr. Johnson. As my advisor, she always made sure that I was on track with not only my schedule but my career as well. When I was unable to find a job for the summer in the hospitality field, Dr. Johnson called her contacts and got me an interview and I received an offer of employment!”

What has been your favorite campus event or activity?

“My favorite campus activity was the 2012 Spring Jam. Spring Jam is a concert that happens at the end of each year and is sponsored by student activity fees. Last year the artist for the show was Dev. The concert she put on was amazing!”

What are your plans after college or your career goals?

“I would like to eventually become a general manager of a hotel or resort. This has always been a dream of mine and my time and degree from Morrisville will make this possible.”