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Coming to Morrisville State College I looked forward to the small campus atmosphere. In the Human Performance and Health Promotion program here I found that the smaller class sizes were perfect, for not only learning and getting more one of one time with your teacher, but getting to know a small group of amazing people that will be with you along the ride towards graduation. In this program, I was able to have lots of hands on experience working stress tests on not only fellow classmates, but our very own clients as well. Having the opportunity to work in the Wellness Center here at the school and working my capstone with our head athletic trainer, made a tremendous impact towards getting me prepared for life outside of Morrisville.

As for lacrosse, since I came here the program has been growing and developing every year even claiming a NEAC Championship. And with the help from our amazing coaching staff who have been pushing me I am the player and leader that I am today. I never knew I was capable of becoming such a key role on the lacrosse field for both offense and defense. People always say the friends you meet in college will be your friends for a life time; I can't believe the bonds that I have with so many girls over the past 4 years, knowing we'll all stay in contact no matter how far we are apart. Overall, I am thankful for the choosing Morrisville State College, being their first female international athlete and enjoying all the memories that I have made over the course of my 4 years here.

Cassandra Edmondson
Human Performance and Health Promotion B.S.
Ontario, Canada

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