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My experience at Morrisville State College has been amazing. I came here in 2010 and will graduate in May, 2013. I am a Business Administration major. Initially, when I came here, I was unaware of what to expect from my classes and professors. It was so hard for me to adjust in this new environment with new people as I was the only international student from India. But, with every passing day I realized that I made the right decision coming here. Professors at Morrisville State College are truly helpful, supportive and friendly.

Moving from India to Morrisville, New York was a big adaptation for me. No only was it totally different in terms of college life, but also from a lifestyle point of view. Now when I look at myself, I realize how independent I have become. I have seen such a drastic change in me not only physically, but mentally.

यहाँ आकर, मोर्रिस्विल्ले स्टेट कॉलेज ने मुझे सिखाया की किस प्रकार ज़िम्मेदार और स्वतन्त्र होना छयैये

Kavanpreet Jaggi
Business Administration

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